Hybrid Simulation of Steel Moment Frame to Collapse

On Wednesday July 29 at 8:00 AM US EDT, 9:00 PM JST, we will be conducting a geographically distributed hybrid simulation of a four story steel moment frame building subjected to the 1995 JR Takatori record at 100% scale. The building model is based on the four story steel moment frame building tested to collapse at E-Defense, Japan in September 2007. The frame is divided at the mid-height of the second story with the upper stories modeled numerically in OpenSEES. The lower portion is further divided into two experimental -scale substructures, one at Kyoto University and the second at the University at Buffalo NEES facility. Equilibrium and compatibility between the substructures are satisfied at the boundaries using the software framework for distributed testing developed at Kyoto University.
The tests is expected to last under 1 hours, leading to the collapse of the structure.

Project Participants

  • Gilberto Mosqueda, University at Buffalo
  • Maria Cortes-Delgado, University at Buffalo
  • Tao Wang, Institute of Engineering Mechanics, Beijing China
  • Andres Jacobson, Kyoto University, Japan
  • Masayoshi Nakashima, Kyoto University, Japan

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This project is supported by Kyoto University and the US National Science Foundation under Grant CMS-0748111 with additional support form CMS-0402490 for shared-use of NEES equipment site at the University at Buffalo..

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