Congresswoman Kathy Hochul Visits the UB-NEES Laboratory

On Tuesday June 28th, 2011, newly elected Congresswoman Kathy Hochul visited and toured the UB-NEES laboratory, escorted by UB President Satish Tripathy. Her visit with President Tripathy was hosted in relation to UBís 2020 program. This visit has afforded UB-NEES with some initial visibility, at the federal congressional level with more anticipated during future visits, as Congresswoman Hochul indicated.

AThe primary purpose of her visit and meeting with president Tripathy was in conjunction with the New York State budget approval, giving the green light for UBís 2020 strategic initiative. She expressed her support ďto marshal this to the next phase and be sure that we can realize this vision for our community and the university within five years.Ē The visit and tour of the UB-NEES was coordinated by UBís government relations staff in recognition of this very unique facility and its important role nationally is supporting earthquake engineering research.

Local Coverage

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