SEESL/UB-NEES Education, Outreach and Training

BEAM Grand Challenge 2011

May, 2011

In May 2011, in conjunction with the UB-School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), UB-NEES led and participated in a major event at the annual BEAM competition targeting Western New York High School minority students.

This year, approximately 90 local high school minority students participated, representing ~14 local high schools. This UB-BEAM event involves all of the engineering departments in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (Civil, Aero-Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial, Bio, Computer Engineering, etc…) each establishing a discipline specific venue challenging students to complete an engineering task and answer engineering technical and trivia questions related to the specific engineering venue. Students have a limited amount of time at each venue and are scored based on their performance and completion of the assigned engineering task and answers to the questions. These scores are totaled thru the days competition.

This year, team Seismic (AKA UB-NEES) was selected to be the final, culminating event in which the top three teams (selected from those who had the highest total scores as a result of their performance during the day). Their final challenge was to build a 4-story structure with materials provided, which were then subjected to a series of seismic events, using a mini-shake table. The teams scores were based on the resilience and survivability, of their structure, and other pre-defined scoring guidelines developed by volunteer UB-CSEE graduate students. Members of the top finishing team and other teams were awarded scholarships and other monetary gifts sponsored by SEAS and local industry sponsors based on the teams’ performance throughout the competition and the final Team Seismic Challenge.

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